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Singing Competition


34th National Blood Transfusion Congress
Singing Competition Rules
Tuesday 29 August 2016, Sun City

This is primarily a fun event!

  • There will be 13 teams/groups for the singing competition – 7 x SANBS Zones, SANBS Head Office, WPBTS, Sponsors x 2, NBI and the Organising Committee.
  • Each team must select a song from the 37 songs attached and let Brenda Outhet know their choice by Friday, 28 July 2017– first come, first servedJ. Each team will be allowed one song only.
  • Each team will then receive a 2 minute backing track (music without the words) within the first week of August to which they should then create their own lyrics, dance routines, branding, costumes, etc.
  • The original lyrics of the songs need to be changed to your own lyrics, which need to have a Blood Transfusion theme. You don’t need to re-write the entire song (maybe a chorus or a verse or two) but the song should make sense when you are finished.
  • There will be a facility for each team to display a PowerPoint slide during their song with content of their choice.
  • A 5 x 3 meter stage as well as microphones will be provided.
  • The judges (overseas visitors attending the congress) will consider humour, content of the lyrics, creativity, and singing skill in order to choose the winning team.
  • A floating trophy will be awarded, to be returned to the Organising Committee in time for the next congress.

Download Competition Rules